From bandages to home hygiene, OTC pain meds and DIY home projects, Morning Consult’s look into the most-trusted brands of 2024 give us insights into health consumers.

I’ve been tracking this study since before the public health crisis of the coronavirus, and it always offers us a practical snapshot of the U.S. consumer’s current ethos on trusted companies helping people risk-manage daily living — and of course, find joy and satisfaction as well.

In the top 15, we find self-care for health and well-being in many brands and products: we can call out Band-Aid, Dove, Colgate, Kleenex, and Tylenol. For home hygiene, learned anew in the pandemic and continuing to take hold in our homecare, we value Lysol and Clorox.









Then consider package delivery and e-commerce, getting satisfaction from UPS, Amazon, and the U.S. Postal Service. The Home Depot and Lowe’s deliver on DIY home projects, again bolstered during the pandemic during the #StayHome and #WorkFromHome experience, now part of our normals. Finally, We turn to Google for our daily life- and work-flows, the Weather Channel for planning activities (and checking climate trends for our health — think clean air and asthma-management, for example), and VISA for our financial wellness.

Taken together, these are building blocks across the retail health landscape which consumers embraced during the COVID era and are now normal life-flows for self-care at home and closer-to-home.

I’ll be meeting up with my #AHIP2024 panel on Thursday 13th June at 11 am in the Musigny Room at the Wynn conference space brainstorming the Consumer in 2030 and how health care will shape up six years from now through that health consumer lens. The Morning Consult study is one building block for understanding that health consumer, and I’ll weave that into my panel moderation then.

In the meantime, be well and trust-building!