8 (more) Faces to Follow in Healthcare Social Media – FierceHealthIT – November 13, 2012 

Sarasohn-Kahn is one of the most respected thinkers in healthcare today.


6 Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Systems to Watch – Information Week – November 12, 2012

“Throughout this [value] chain, RCM systems can help health providers pinpoint areas for cost improvement in real time,” said Sarasohn-Kahn. “The systems should also be able to integrate clinical and care management information along with the financial information along the patient’s journey.”

6 Trends in an Era of Consumer-Driven Healthcare – Becker’s Hospital Review – June 6, 2012

“While HealthGrades has been around for many years, consumers’ use of tools is still a pioneering activity,” says Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, MA, MHSA, a health economist and blogger. “Healthcare report cards have also been available, but most consumers still spend more time researching buying a new car or washing machine than they do comparing health plans. Therefore, we don’t know yet whether the tools pay off.”


HIMSS 2012 Video Interview: Changing the Way Money Flows in Healthcare – Perficient – February 28, 2012

We spoke with Jane Sarasohn-Kahn (@healthythinker) at HIMSS 2012 on the evolving economics of healthcare as we move from volume based to value based care.


Exposing the Cost of Healthcare – Technology Review – November 23, 2011

The company’s growth depends in part on cooperation from insurers. While some, including Cigna and Aetna, have been willing to share data about the prices they pay health-care providers like doctors and hospitals, other insurers insist that such information is a trade secret.

“Without that information, Castlight can’t fulfill its mission to help consumers make decisions based on cost and quality,” says Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, a health economist and management consultant. But the balking is hardly surprising, she says, because transparency on costs doesn’t benefit insurers or providers, it benefits the purchaser—and, potentially, new businesses like Castlight Health that aim to empower consumers.


It’s Follow Friday – HealthTalker – November 17, 2011

Not only are we huge fans of Jane Sarasohn-Kahn’s Health Populi website, but we were lucky enough to see her speak earlier this year in Philadelphia. Her bio lists impressive titles including health economist, advisor, consumer health proponent, participatory health advocate, design fan, and health-technophile. Whatever she wants to call herself, we can’t get enough!


Photo by Regina Holliday

See Jane Think – Jane’s Jacket from Regina Holliday

So within her painting, I paint Jane in the center wearing her signature black clothes.  She is Jane the child in this image and she will teach you how to read… data sets and patient stories.  She has her I-pad before her and she points to the phrase “Let Patients Speak.”  Plugged into her I-pad are two sets of ear buds and two practitioners are listening with a gentle countenance to the recording on Jane’s device.


Intriguing Savings on Health Costs – Fort Wayne Journal GazetteNovember 11, 2011

“Don’t assume that consumers having more financial skin in the health care game will make them smarter health consumers,” writes Jane Sarashon-Kahn, who blogs at HealthPopuli.com. “Many healthy citizens make what seem to be smart fiscal decisions for health care consumption in the short run – like postponing visits to doctors when they feel ill, or skipping doses of medication. These often lead to longer-term dismal physical outcomes.”


Does Walmart’s Benefits Reversal Signal the Future of Health Care Benefits? – TLNT.com – October 26, 2011

Walmart reversed an earlier decision last week and announced it would no longer cover spouses or provide health benefits to future part-time employees…[….] ….Walmart’s decision got a lot of press, but as The New York Times and some other articles noted, what Walmart’s doing is not atypical.


Social Health – Presentation at SXSH – October 7, 2011

How micro and macro-economics impact peoples’ health behaviors


Health IT: A Tale of Three Watsons – February 14, 2011

While there are a burgeoning number of mobile applications geared towards physicians, the real transformation of health care lies not in better doctoring but in better partnering between doctors and patients. As my colleague and friend Jane Sarasohn-Kahn writes: “Mobile = social. That’s the value-add for health. The wisdom of crowds translates to wisdom of patients, wisdom of doctors, wisdom of caregivers, all on-the-move, 24/7. The more these share with each other, and across their roles, the greater the knowledge accrues….”


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Research shows technology makes goals achievable. – The Press Enterprise – December 23, 2010

“For people managing chronic health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease and (gastrointestinal) issues, sound health management is rooted in making good ‘micro-decisions’ every day,” report author Jane Sarasohn-Kahn states. “Health apps on a smart phone can bolster good decisions at the moments they are made, from nutrition choices to shopping for healthy foods and tracking steps.”


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