While fairly satisfied with their own health care, Washingtonians are frustrated about health care costs and the lack of access to care for their fellow Americans.

These findings are similar to a similar poll of Iowans conducted by CodeBlueNow!, an advocacy organization focused on health reform. Health Populi blogged about the Iowa survey here.

The most striking similarity between both polls is that people don’t trust the government to reform the health system. Instead, health professionals and the “common people” are seen as trusted health reformers.

There is mass dissatisfaction with the costs of health care, about which 2/3 of Washingtonians said they were dissatisfied. Only 10% of people are satisfied with health care costs.

The value placed on universal health care as a public good splits on party lines in this poll. While 2 in 3 Democrats are for universal health care, less than half of Republicans feel that way.

Health Populi’s Hot Points: The lack of trust in government in health care is also reflected in who people trust for their health information: the latest data show that people searching for health information trust each other on the Internet – peers and “patients like me” – and health professionals. It’s important to recognize this sea-change in trust for our health system to get back on course. As in all good marketing plans, it’s a no-brainer to solicit input from the customer. When we think about health reform, it’s the users – patients and providers, especially doctors and nurses – who need to be fully engaged in reimagining American health care.