Go get your treats today while you make your way to the polls: Starbucks is offering free coffee, Dunkin‘ Donuts has star-shaped cakes, and Ben & Jerry’s will offer free scoops between 5 and 8 pm. While you’re enjoying some sweet stuff, ponder some important statistics on this Election Day 2008….
 Toyota will probably be crowned the #1 automaker in the world this week, as GM slips to second place. GM’s sales fell to their lowest level in 17 years. Last year, it outsold Toyota by a mere 3,000 cars.
Unemployment is expected to further rise in the U.S., and the recession feels real to working people and business.
The U.S. budget deficit is nearly one-half trillion dollars.
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says that the California unemployment fund is nearly broke.
In health care, there are several statistics to think about today: 
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