We count our blessings for which we are thankful this Thanksgiving weekend. Our health, our families, peace in our lives and around the globe…

Health, yes, if we’re lucky. Now, think the unthinkable: some time, you’re going to get sick. Die, eventually.

Now, ask yourself a few questions…

Would you prefer to die at home or in the hospital?

Who will advocate for you when that time comes?

Do you have a living will?

We who are engaged with Engaged with Grace ask you to not only get engaged yourself…but add this slide to the end of your presentations to spread this important message.

Health Populi’s Hot Points: Who’s got your back when you’re at the final stage of your life?

In May 2007, my father had a living will with ONTR; I was his health advocate, living in Pennsylvania. Dad was in Michigan.

With end-stage congestive heart failure, as an inpatient in one of the Top Hospitals for cardiac care in the United States, a resident revived him at midnight after his heart stopped — against Dad’s wishes. If you want to know more on that story, see my column on digital directives in iHealthBeat.

You not only need that living will: you need an advocate, on-the-ground. Get it done. Engage with Grace. Share your plans with your family and friends whom you want to advocate on your behalf. When it comes to end-of-life care in America, it takes a village.