Call them “kinder, gentler,” gamers, according to ComScore: women like gaming as much as men do, but the kinds of games they like are different from their male peers.

I wrote about ComScore‘s report, Women on the Web: How Women Are Shaping the Internet, on July 30 2010. The post was titled, Women Are the Digital Mainstream, Especially in Health. The report includes detailed survey data on women’s use of games.

The chart here illustrates the Mars vs. Venus differences in tastes for online games: men prefer action, adventure and sports, along with education. Women like online puzzles, card games, trivia, board games, and casino gambling online, more than men. Women are also  keen on “play with your friends,” networked games online.

Women over 35 also spend more time per game-visit than men do.

Older women are also more likely to play games via their smartphones than men are.

Health Populi’s Hot Points: Women, especially older women, are big consumers of health care. They’re also clearly growing their demand for and use of casual gaming. As developers of health games respond to these demands, they should keep in mind the style of games that women prefer, compared with men. Health engagement requires targeted programs that will attract and retain people to use them over time especially when focused on managing chronic health conditions. Games in health need to be tailored based on how people like to play. Developers who understand these gaming styles will create more sticky, successful health games than those who create a one-size-fits-both-genders approach.