Google is heavily favored by Democrats; Fox News Channel, no surprise, by Republicans. Citizens affiliated with a particular political party favor certain consumer brands, according to YouGov’s BrandIndex survey

For Democrats (the blue folks), favored brands include Sony and Amazon. For Republicans (the red voters), top brands include the History Channel, Fox, and Lowe’s.

The Google vs. Fox News Channel rift between the parties is huge: 66% of Democrats rank Google on top; 71% of Republicans rank Fox News #1. Google doesn’t even fall into the Republicans’ top ten brand names, according to Advertising Age.

There’s some crossover in brand-loving across the two major parties: Discovery Channel, UPS, and Cheerios are beloved to both Dems and the GOP.

So is Johnson & Johnson.

Health Populi’s Hot Points:  I am intrigued by J&J’s political palatibility across the parties. Is health a common value — a ‘purple’ one? — that crosses the chasm from left to right? Even with the company’s difficult year with children’s medicines and FDA recalls, the brand still rises above all other health-oriented companies, again for both Democrats and Republicans.

The larger question is whether health is a red or blue brand? We can’t answer that here, today, in Health Populi. But I’m going to ask YouGov what they think on this issue and see if we can analyze more granular brand data to get to this response. As the November 2010 elections heat up on the back of support, or lack thereof, for health reform, the answer to this question can help to inform our forecasts.

Thanks to Nat Ives of Ad Age for alerting me to the YouGov BrandIndex survey.