When we think about “3 C’s” for health care experience leadership, we might turn to Cleveland Clinic, Cigna, and CVS/health.

In my latest post for the Medecision Liberation site, I point to a new trio of “C’s” to inform and inspire our patient/consumer/caregiver experience designs: Chick-fil-A, Clorox, and Chewy.

Why these three? I explain,

Whether you share enthusiasm for these brands or not, news outlets and industry observers have noted these three organizations have weathered the pandemic well when it comes to improving the consumer experience and increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.” 

What health care can learn: These organizations streamlined operations and delivery, quickly pivoting to meet increased consumer demand during the pandemic. Some successfully married consumer experience with digital technology in supply chains, workflows, and design of digital tools such as apps and portals to increase consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Read the essay in greater detail here, and let me know what you think…and thanks to Medecision for providing the platform for me to share these ideas…

A sidebar on Chick-fil-A in the context of customer service lessons: the company has reached cult status among consumers who delight in Chick-fil-A’s iconic chicken sandwich and other items on the menu. The company strengthened its strategy in the pandemic and there are lessons to learn. This is not to look away or deny that the company has had its failings with the LGBTQ+ community going back a decade, as well as making major mis-steps with communities of color, As this analysis in Morning Consult discusses, many consumers separate food from social issues.