Wealthy Investors Are Most Worried About Healthcare in Old AgeThe wealthiest Americans’ top financial concern is being able to afford healthcare and support they’ll need in old age.

The #2 financial concern among wealthy investors is worrying about the financial situation of their children and grandchildren, closely followed by a major family health problem occurring and someone to care for them in their old age.

These health-financial worries come out of a survey among 2,056 U.S. investors age 25 and over who have at least $250,000 in investable assets conducted by UBS in January 2013.

UBS found that staying health and fit is investors’ top objective, with 73% of wealthy investors listing this as a top-three personal goal.

Health Populi’s Hot Points: Health financial insecurity has been long found among middle to lower income Americans. EBRI (the Employee Benefits Research Institute) has conducted surveys among U.S. adults for many years on the topic, the latest of which can be found here. In 2010, EBRI found that 40% of workers were planning to postpone retirement to hang onto their health benefits.

The UBS study detects health insecurity among the wealthiest U.S. health citizens: those with at least $250K of dollars to invest — half of whom have over $1 million to invest.

On this President’s Day 2013, we can remind ourselves that health insecurity is a national trait uniting all Americans.