Work with me

Providing insights on the intersection of health/care, technology, policy, and consumers.


I’ve collaborated with every healthcare stakeholder segment in health care for three decades. I advise clients about the future of health care using scenario planning, environmental and health policy analysis.


Clients engage me to research and write under my name on their behalf. I frequently author blog posts, journal articles, market research analysis, and indepth white papers.


I frequently speak at national and global conferences, represented by several speakers’ bureaus. I also participate on panels and webinars on issues spanning health care, health consumerism, digital health, and health citizenship.


My Story

Polly, my mother, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1971. There was no Internet, but she had a doctor that partnered with her and was open to the latest clinical research. There was also a librarian who helped find information using the good old Dewey Decimal System, microfiche, and big tomes of Index Medicus. She was empowered by information, trust in a good doctor, and the abundant love of family and friends. My mother beat her six-month death sentence and lived an extra seven years beyond her original prognosis.

After her death, I made the personal, professional. I studied public health and economics at the University of Michigan. For three decades, I have advised stakeholders across the health/care ecosystem in the U.S. and Europe.