The coronavirus pandemic put health care at the top of peoples’ minds all over the world.

As important as health became to humans at the base of our Hierachies of Needs, in the U.S., health care industries fell to their lowest consumer satisfaction scores in two decades, we learn in the latest evaluation by the American Consumer Satisfaction Index report.

I explore consumer-patient experience for hospitals, health plans and ambulatory care compared with other industries in the November 2021 Medecision Liberation blog, calling out the importance of two key factors that drove peoples’ positive perceptions of brands and products in the COVID19 pandemic era: digital delight and empathy.

In a nutshell, I observe that,

“In addition to delaying care—especially ambulatory and outpatient services delivered in hospital settings—health consumers also began to turn to virtual care options. More contactless, safe and convenient sites for care have proliferated in consumers’ communities and local touchpoints, serving up hygienic protocols and faster service— increasingly digital. These features are becoming the lenses through which patients-as-consumers judge quality, access and value in healthcare interactions.”

Do check out more details on the importance of peoples’ health care experience to bolster their personal health/care engagement at the Liberation site.