Health/care is everywhere….even at the convenience store.

Yesterday afternoon, as I was picking up a bottle of milk for this morning’s coffee, I rushed to the local Carrefour Express in my neighborhood in St. Gilles, Brussels, Belgium.

Sidebar: Carrefour Express is not your prototypical U.S.-styled C-store — you can find some fine Prosciutto di San Daniele in the cold case, some tasty Camembert cheese, very good wine, and just-picked tomatoes there.

Still, it’s a C-store in that the brick-and-mortar model is a smaller footprint than a full grocery store, and convenient in that it’s a block from my apartment.

Imagine my surprise at the check-out point-of-purchase spotting a Newgene COVID-19 test placed next to small bottles of sanitizer, and steps from Nutella and the rack of wines on promotion.

And so here we see the retail health landscape continuing to morph, globally, embedding health and wellness and direct-to-consumer self-testing in the C-store.

Welcome to the new home care.