While love can’t solve all of the world’s problems, it is absolutely a basic human need and a positive force for health and well-being.

For today’s Health Populi blog, I have curated a big hug-full of posts I’ve written over the years building the evidence base of love as a determinant of health.

As a sidebar, the graphic you see here — my “WiFi Heart” — was purposefully commissioned to my web designer to incorporate elements of love and connectivity.

Wishing you all the blessing of love in your life, in all of its glorious and health-ful forms…XO JSK

My curated six-pack of love and health care chosen for Valentine’s Day 2022…

#LoveThyNeighbor – a Faith-Based Call for Vaccination – on The Catholic Health Association’s commitment to vaccinating America

How a Razor Bolsters Health, Wellness and Love for Caregiving – Gillette’s message for public health at the barbershop and self-care at home

Shinola Welcomes Immigrants on the 4th of July: A Love Letter from Detroit to the World Via NYC – a reminder about how loving each other is a pillar of our health citizenship

The Healthiest Communities Are Building on Education, Good Food, Mindfulness, and the Power of Love – on US News & Aetna’s Healthiest Communities Rankings

My Healthy Valentine: socialize health with your loved ones – about how my husband’s medical check-up was, for me, a sign of his love

Love, Mercy and Virtual Healthcare – Mercy Virtual, Dignity Health, and how kindness baked into an app shows love for patients and families….