I switched from being a devoted coffee drinker to green tea several years ago, but once in a while I still love an excellent cup of coffee (especially when I’m in Italy – stay tuned for late October posts from the 2015 Milan Expo where I’ll be all-food-and-health, all-the-time).

One of my long-time favorite coffee brands is Lavazza, based in Italy. The company hadn’t allocated much resource to advertising in the U.S. But they are launching a new multimedia campaign in America; here’s a look at their initial video promotion…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jfx2yL6guhk?rel=0]

This ad covers many features that are relevant to how companies that service health and healthcare can touch and motivate consumers…

Tell a story. And make it authentic. “This is more than a cup of coffee,” the tale begins. We learn about the Lavazza family history, a father’s sage advice, and a son’s journey to the new world and a new life.

Entertain, engage. The video is an adventure with high production values. It’s beautiful to watch, well-casted and -acted, with a Spielberg/Indiana Jones vibe. It accomplishes much in a minute.

Teach, educate, enlighten.  We learn that young Luigi Lavazza hopped a boat and headed to Brazil, where he learned about coffee. He learned, and we learn about how coffee gets blended, a sort of curation process, bringing a selection of beans together for the perfect blend in the eyes (and taste buds) of the blender.

Inspire a call-to-action.  In this case, it’s “In life, there is always more to taste.” This tagline operates on many levels: it’s aspirational, motivational, sensual. It certainly inspires vitality and living fully.

Lavazza is experienced at marketing, and has a well-designed portal describing the company’s 120+ year history. The company’s timeline also promotes a message of sustainability, with a direct quote from Luigi: “I don’t want to live in a world where nature is destroyed.” He said this in 1935.

MediaPost covers the marketing aspects of the campaign here.

Dignity health open enrollment starts nowHealth Populi’s Hot Points:  As health and healthcare morph into retail in the eyes of consumers, patients, and caregivers — who are taking on more financial and clinical responsibility — the industry’s stakeholders must learn from other industry sector companies that have been successful in going direct-to-consumer for products and services. Health/care can be informed by these successful organizations’ consumer-centered design ethos, after-purchase customer service approaches, and in the case of Lavazza, ad and marketing campaigns.

For health/care, we can learn from Lavazza:

  • Expressing patient stories that are authentic
  • Developing information and IT tools that are engaging, entertaining, based on the needs, wishes, values and capabilities of the user (patient, consumer, caregiver). Keep these “light” and make the user-experience easy and streamlined.
  • Inspire. For example, the recent campaign of Dignity Health inspires me, two screenshots of which are shown here.

Dignity health Our newest kindness feature online schedulingAs I’ve evangelized ongoing, health consumers trust large retail and digitally-enabled companies as much to help people manage their health as they do health providers. The new health consumer is…a consumer.