8 in 10 Americans want President Trump and his administration to do what they can to make the Affordable Care Act work, according to the latest August 2017 health tracking poll from Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF).

By political party affiliation, this includes 95% of Democrats, 80% of Independents, and 52% of Republicans (that is, to emphasize the point, just over half, a majority, of Republicans).

More Americans are also relieved and happy, versus disappointed and angry, that the ACA repeal did not occur (thus far), the second chart illustrates. To be sure, a majority of Republicans register anger and disappointment, but more Democrats and Independents feel more strongly positive.

Health Populi’s Hot Points: Today, as we memorialize Heather Heyer, the freedom and justice-loving woman who was killed by a hateful person, we should reflect on the sort of nation we believe the United States is and must be. That land is, my father who fought with his Greatest Generation for our freedoms taught me, the Greatest Nation based on our respect and tolerance for differences, and belief in the power of the collective.

Access to health care is a key social determinant of health, which underpins a person’s ability to seek life and liberty and pursue happiness. “Love Thy Neighbor” comes to my mind today.

Universal health care is a mark of a civil society. Given the topline results of this survey, and similar ones conducted in the past year as the threat of ACA repeal became more real to US health citizens, I’d welcome the opportunity for all American voters to express their view, via a thumbs up or thumbs down referendum (one man/one woman, one vote) on whether the US should ensure health care for all. Congress should listen to the people on this.