I have always appreciated Medecision’s mission as expressed in the company’s tagline: “Liberating,” as in “liberate healthcare.”

I began collaborating with Medecision as a client several years ago, a couple of years after I heard Todd Park, then Chief Technology Officer in the White House, joyfully assert the phrase, “Data Liberación!” at an early Health 2.0 Conference.

Medecision published my blog about health citizenship this week on the company’s Liberate.Health site. The emergence of health citizens in the U.S. — people re-claiming their health, health care, and control of data — is part of liberating health in America.

Please check out the post here, and let me know your thoughts.

By sunset on 3rd November 2020, millions of U.S. voters will be motivated to express their political will for health as so many voters did in the 2018 mid-term elections when folks felt the very real threat of losing health insurance coverage provided by the Affordable Care Act.

Two years later, this threat is visceral for people, especially in the pandemic era. If this isn’t a year to vote for health and health care, I can’t imagine a time when it would be more impactful or important.

Onward, Health Citizens….