Thinking about the social determinants of prescription drugs, how people take medicines in real life in my latest post in Medecision’s Liberate Health blog.






I had one of those special lightbulb moments when listening to Mauricio Gonzalez-Arias, M.D. of NYC Health + Hospitals and Suvida Healthcare discussing medication adherence and what prevents us from taking our meds as prescribed.

His discussion on social determinants’ role in shaping our relationship with prescriptions was powerful, and the jumping off point for this essay.






Medication adherence is a challenge that fiscally costs the health system (taxpayers and insured people largely paying the tab) and physically imperils both public health and people’s individual health.

In the discussion, you’ll also find additional insights and trend-weaving insights via Richard Resnick of Cureatr, Richard Milani of Ochsner Health, AHIMA, Marcee Wilder’s research in Circulation, and how Albertson’s Companies is partnering with WinnCompanies, a real estate developer, to deliver medicines to people at home.

Thanks to GoodRx for hosting the webinar session which featured Dr. Gonzalez-Arias.