To complement today’s sobering Health Populi post discussing Accenture’s 2024 Life Trends Study — an outlook for a decade of “deconstruction” based on technology and other trends in the ether — I share with you Amazon’s ad for this holiday season gift-giving motivation. The agency responsible for the campaign, Hungry Man and director Wayne McClammy, weave together a beautiful plotline of friendship, the Beatles’ In My Life, and a time-traveling image that captivated me.

The evidence base on loneliness and aging is deep and quantifiable: loneliness can kill like a daily inhalation of a pack of cigarettes.

It is up to us to (1) share the love and be neighborly and, (2) work harder to create worthy content that inspires, motivates, educates to counter Accenture’s “Meh-diocrity” trend.

Here’s a link to the Accenture blog post published earlier today.