Left Swipe Dat truth Legacy project anti-smoking kidsIn our ADHD-addled, over-messaged and noisy world, it’s hard to break through the media clutter and binge-watching to get a health message out.

Here’s the way it’s done: an engaging, humorous, impactful and crisp campaign focusing on making smoking so un-sexy and un-cool, you swipe the prospective date off of your Tinder app. Watch and learn, from The Truth.

You can follow the campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #LeftSwipeDat. Kudos to the truth® anti-smoking campaign and the creative team who got this blend of message and medium so right. truth® is part of the Legacy project which is funded by the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement between 46 State Attorneys General and the tobacco industry.

TruthHealth Populi’s Hot Points:  If you’re on this Health Populi blog site, then you’re in some way in the health behavior change business. Whether you’re marketing health insurance, developing health technologies, researching life science solutions, preparing health foods for the grocery store, or driving financial literacy to health consumers, you can’t just build a great product or service. You must pull through to the end-user/consumer. To do that today, it means donning a consumer marketer’s cap, and not just any one’s – but the most switched-on, creative mind that touches whatever will activate your customer to make that behavior change. So whether it’s ensuring a patient fills a prescription and takes a medication; uses a health insurance plan well at the right time; engages a person to better self-care for a chronic condition; or, go get that imaging or lab test done sooner vs. later — remember this ad campaign, how it targets the campaign’s target, and how it does so in a contemporary, entertaining way. This is the new retail health, and health engagement.

No Swipe Dat.