COVID-19 ushered in the era of our homes as safe havens for work, shopping, education, fitness-awaking, bread-baking, and health-making.

In my latest essay written for Medecision, I weave together new and important data and evidence supporting the basic social determinant of health — shelter, housing, home — and some innovations supporting housing-as-medicine from CVS Health, UnitedHealth Group, AHIP, Brookings Institution, the Urban Land Institute, and other stakeholders learning how housing underpins our health — physical, mental, financial.

Read about a wonderful development from Communidad Partners, working with the Veritas Impact Partners group, channeling telehealth to housing programs serving residents with lower incomes. It’s brilliant.

Here’s your link to “Housing Is Key To Health” in the Medecision Liberation blog.

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[…] risks of food in-security, transportation inaccessibility, and housing (for example, programs from UnitedHealthcare and Kaiser Permanente have been addressing the challenge of housing access for their communities). These are in fact infrastructure and social/health care factors that are […]

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